Due to the progressive growth of new technologies and their needs, the IT technical assistance sector is in constant demand. Therefore, setting up technical assistance can be a very promising business.

Today, more than 30% of Canadian homes have a computer for personal use. Therefore, setting up a business focused on maintenance, repair or even sale of this type of device is an excellent business.


So if you are self-taught or like to take a risk in Computer repair, this article will help you not to make the 5 common mistakes of those who start technical assistance for notebooks.

Technical Assistance for Notebooks

Mistakes for Those Who Start to Assemble Technical Assistance for Notebooks

1st Common Mistake – Not Having Adequate Space

If you are a computer maintenance technician and want to open your own business, know that this is one of the ventures that need less investment. Some people use their own homes to provide services.

Depending on your budget, a room with good cooling, a service desk and the tools needed to assemble, disassemble and handle the appliances is a great place to start.

First of all, it’s good for you to forecast the demand for work you want to meet.

From the moment you plan the work demand you expect, you can organize your structure and buy the right equipment to meet your needs.

In addition, the bonus tip in this segment is that this location is easily accessible and preferably with parking space.

Remember that the customer will go with a computer from home or a notebook, and for that reason, they need a parking lot to take their material, as they will possibly go by car. So think about the accessibility of your future customers.

2nd Common Mistake – Not Knowing the Competition

Today, it is practically impossible for a person to work without a computer. With the growing trend towards automation of work tasks, access to devices is essential.

Consequently, the large number of devices in use in Canada has increased the demand for technical assistance services, as repairing a device is the preferred option for those who want to save money.

So, if you’re going to open a computer service shop, you should already know that your competition is quite wide. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you!

The most important fact is the market study in the region where it intends to establish itself, as it can directly impact the decision to open, or not, its technical assistance in information technology.

By analyzing the competition, only then can you understand what their flaws are and what important services they don’t offer. Thus causing the difference!

The secret of this branch is to invest in specialization in some parts that others don’t have knowledge of, so don’t waste time and specialize in parts maintenance such as:

Hard disk recovery, the popular HD and motherboard, are examples of services that few professionals in the field provided.

Other Important Tips are:

Decrease the delivery time for the customer’s material. For this, hire specialized technical assistants, invest in reducing the period to up to 48 hours. But be careful that this maneuver does not compromise the monthly income.

Invest in the knowledge of notebook maintenance, one of the most sought after today and with the low competition due to lack of specialized labour.

In other words, putting all your knowledge together with a short lead time will make you stand out.

3rd Common Mistake – Poor Investment planning

First, be aware of the initial size of your business, as the investment will vary depending on your choice. Be prepared to separate your initial investments in two ways:

  • opening investment
  • Working capital
  • Working capital:

Unfortunately, working capital can often be overlooked due to a lack of knowledge about its importance to the financial health of the business.

Thus, working capital is the money needed to maintain the enterprise and ensure the company’s continuity.

It encompasses all cash amounts deposited in bank accounts and accounts receivable, as well as other outstanding obligations that can be converted into cash to settle business expenses.

Among some we can mention:

  • rent
  • water and electricity expenses
  • the stock of supplies for maintenance and goods for sale
  • cost with staff
  • and other fixed monthly operating costs

The tip is to always keep capital high to avoid budget problems, as it is the foundation of every business.

Opening Investment:

When taking your project off the paper and putting it into practice, the investment is nothing more than some basic costs that must be invested to start your business.

For example:

  • renovation of the chosen location to make it your way
  • company opening rates
  • machinery
  • furniture
  • tools
  • documentation

Thus, it is important to emphasize an essential point, which is the investment in quality materials and tools, even if you spend a little more, the quality of the service will be different.

4th Common Mistake – Not Having Quality Suppliers

Remember that up here we already talked about how investing in quality tools makes all the difference, right!?

In summary, guaranteeing the customer that he will have on his computer or notebook with the original software, for example, is a very important point and shows the quality of his service.

Therefore, a very important tip for the functioning of your technical assistance is the search for partnerships and suppliers. Be in contact with the main computer stores in your region, so you will have parts suppliers or even online stores.

You need to work with original parts and software to ensure the quality of your service and your customer’s peace of mind.

In addition, there is the possibility that you have a differential in your business, how?

Being authorized technical assistance of computer companies can leverage your company because not all assistance is authorized.

So, contact a representative here in Canada and check the process for becoming an authorized assistant.

It’s worth investing in it and beating the competition.

5th Mistake – Failure to Disclose

Advertising is a must!

And for that, investments in disclosures are essential in the process of getting clients in information technology. For this, our tip is: to use and abuse the internet.

Nowadays with digital marketing, there is the possibility to reach and reach a larger number of people

  • Make Google Ads on keywords related to your service provision
  • Instagram is a great platform for the dissemination
  • Work with Facebook Ads to increase your brand exposure
  • Do medium-long term SEO work (Search Engine Optimization)

If you don’t make these 5 common mistakes that start a notebook service, you will be able to start a business without any problems and will have everything to have a profitable and successful company.

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