Whether you are in the market for new computer equipment or have recently acquired an old laptop, you should know whether you need computer repairs or replacement for parts. While a replacement part is generally more cost-effective, you may want to repair your computer to avoid costly future repairs.

LCD Panel Not Working

Whether you have a CRT or LCD monitor, you might need to replace it if your monitor isn’t working properly. But before you decide to replace it, you should try some troubleshooting steps first.

Firstly, you should power down your system and reboot it using the BIOS settings. This will allow you to access your monitor’s power management software. You can use this software to fix your monitor’s problem. Alternatively, you can try connecting your laptop to another monitor and see if it works that way.

You can also try disabling your power management settings in the BIOS. If your system is still displaying black horizontal lines, you can try connecting your monitor to another computer and see if it works. If the monitor still doesn’t work, it might be damaged, and you need to replace it.

You should also check your video cable and power cord for broken pins. You can try replacing your video cable or power cord if there are no broken pins, as there may be an issue with the wiring that isn’t immediately visible.

The Video Card is Not Working

Having a video card not working on your computer can be frustrating. The card can be defective, or the slot on your motherboard may have been compromised. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem.

computer repairs bramptonThe first step in troubleshooting your video card is to open up your PC’s device manager settings and ensure that the firmware is correctly installed and updated to the latest version, then restart your PC.

The next step in troubleshooting your video card involves opening the PCI-E slot. This can be done by either pulling out the card or gently rocking it until it comes loose. Once the card is out of the way, you should be able to see the motherboard.

The display adapter is another common culprit. You can check its status by right-clicking on it in the device manager.

Damaged Casing

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The “Right-to-Repair” Movement

Across the country, the Right to Repair movement is gathering steam. The movement is pushing for legislation allowing consumers to repair their products. The legislation would create a more accessible repair system, giving consumers more access to repair information and tools.

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