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While inserting the SIM of my old phone (a Nexus 4) into my new one—a Nexus 5—I made a bad mistake: instead of using the “SIM Tray” of Nexus 5, I mistakenly used the “SIM Tray” of Nexus 4. The obvious happened: the tray glided in but went way past the surface area and got stuck. For all my efforts, tips and tricks, I couldn’t retrieve it. I now needed professional help, hence searched on the web and landed up with Cell2Fix.

Bupinder, a young soft spoken and polite tech attended to me. He opened the phone and in no time had my “SIM Tray” retrieved. His professionalism impressed me but more than that his labor charges surprised me pleasantly. He asked for $10 and I know anywhere else this could have been twice or possibly three times the amount.

Kudos to Cell2Fix for their prompt service, professionalism and honesty.

Shah    Brampton   

Cell2Fix saved our family's treasured memories when my portable hard drive crashed. Aside from being able to retrieve all my important files, the service was reasonably priced and was done in a timely fashion. Being fully satisfied, we brought in all our other gadgets and devices in need of repair at their shop. Great job!!

Dianne    Scarborough   

Fast service and great prices. They replaced my iPad screen in one day

Thank you

jeff    Brampton   

I recommend is the best attention. Good accessories, etc. You can feel like your best friends that store have professionals workers and the attention is like a VIP.

JACKSON SABOGAL    mississauga   

Brought my note 3 in for a screen repair. The store is very welcoming, and appearance is very nice. Staff is very knowledgeable in many brands, models, and devices. They were able to get my screen, in which many other places had no idea what screen my phone needed in the first place. Cell2fix was able to identify and order my exact screen in minutes. Very satisfied with all work and prices.

Vito    Brampton   

I was in the market for a new phone but didn’t want to be locked in to a long-term contract with one of the big carriers. Cell2Fix let me trade in my old phone for a discount on a new one, set me up with an affordable prepaid plan and even helped me transfer all my old contacts, pictures and data! Cell2Fix did it all. I even paid less than I was expecting! They definitely have a happy customer in me.

William    Brampton   

So happy with the excellent service. Nice man named Jason went out of his way to solve our problem in amazing time. Thank you Cell 2 Fix Brampton.

Judy    Toronto   

Best staff ever! They fixed my Iphone 6s plus in a matter of minutes!! They gave such cool deals. I recommend this plce as their service is excellent.

Anthony    Queen st. Rutherford   

I thought I had lost all hope when I cracked my S5 screen. The staff was so amazing and efficient that within 20 minutes I had a new screen and bravo it worked! Thank you so much Cell 2 Fix Team without you I would be in a fix!

Divecha    Brampton   

I didn't believe I could get my cracked S4 screen repaired within 30mins from anywhere. I'm glad cell2fix did that.

Ben    Brampton   

I had two cell phones that needed repair. I knew one just needed a screen but the other I was unsure of. The staff were super excellent and it turned out the second phone only needed a screen and home button. They could have told me anything but they were super fantastic and very honest. I would highly recommend this place.

Lorna    Queen and Bramalea   

I had no idea what was wrong with my phone when I brought it in, but the technician at Cell2Fix immediately diagnosed the problem and was able to fix it while I did my grocery shopping down the street. I also brought my daughter’s cell phone in to have the screen replaced.

Colleen    Brampton   

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