Is your phone screen cracked or broken? Is the touch screen no longer working? Does your battery drain very quickly? Or is there rather a poor contact with the power cable? Whatever problem you are having with your smartphone, rather than leaving it in the back of your drawer, you can try to have it fixed. Not only will it cost you less, but you can also resell it after repair as part of the purchase of a new mobile, for example. In this article, we invite you to discover some useful tips and tricks to have your smartphone repaired.

Repair at 0€ Thanks to Warranty or Insurance

On a smartphone, of course, the most fragile element is the screen. Indeed, when you acquire your brand new mobile, whether in a store or on a reliable online sales site, a manufacturer’s warranty ensures its proper functioning. You can make use of this guarantee with the seller when a failure occurs without any reason. The latter or the manufacturer himself then takes charge of its repair, without extracting a kopeck from you. Generally, the warranty covers a period of 24 months, except for iPhones where Apple offers 12 months.

In addition, note that other parts such as the battery may have a less important warranty. Accessories are also still not taken into account. Hence the importance of taking the time to read the CVGs as well as the warranty conditions!

Finally, it should be noted that the guarantee does not work in the event of a fall, an involuntary dive or any other breakdown linked to the recklessness of the user. However, you can continue to benefit from free or ‘cheaper’ repairs if you have in the meantime taken out an additional warranty. Indeed, some manufacturers like Apple (Apple Care +) and Samsung offer their own guarantees. You can also benefit from these types of guarantees at the telecom operators and stores from which you bought your mobile.

Important: The monthly sum to be paid depends on the value of the smartphone and the guarantees concerned: theft, screen breakage, malfunction of the touchscreen, diving, oxidation, etc.

In-Store Repair

Even if your warranty is no longer valid, you can still have your mobile repaired by contacting the many boutiques and specialized stores. Very practical, for example, you can leave your phone for a broken screen repair before going to town to do your shopping. 60 minutes later, you have your phone back to normal. In case the repairer does not have spare parts, he can suggest that you come back on a certain day or at a certain time of the day to collect your smartphone. The main advantage with this type of solution comes from the confidence with a physical presence, which of course represents a better guarantee of the repair.

Samsung phone repair in Brampton

However, it should be noted that it is not enough to put the phone down to come back and pick it up after the repair. Indeed, as soon as you finish highlighting the problem with the mobile, ask for a quote. Once the contract is signed and the repair is done, don’t forget to ask for an invoice for proof in case of later problems. And if the provider is serious, a warranty of at least 12 months should be applied to the repair.

Important: For safety reasons, always have your smartphone repaired in a store of the brand or in a store approved by the manufacturer.

How Much Does It Cost?

Generally, it takes between 50 and 300 Canadian dollars for the replacement of a broken or cracked screen. It all depends on the brand and model of smartphone you have.

In case your phone has taken on water, you should allow between 50 and 90 Canadian dollars. On the other hand, to replace your home button, the SIM reader, the microphone or the speaker of your smartphone, the repair budget can vary between 50 and 80 € depending on the model.

Some approved or non-approved repairers also offer:

  • repair of the internal earpiece, charging connector;
  • the replacement of certain photosensors, batteries;

As for the price, let’s say it’s not standard. This varies not only according to the brand and model of your smartphone but also according to the repairers.

Repair via Specialized Websites

Yes, we do everything online today. Everything, even when it comes to fixing a broken phone. Indeed, many sites today offer this service thanks to a sophisticated system for sending and recovering smartphones that have become unusable. But, before you get started, take the time to check the seriousness of the site by consulting the opinions on the internet. Likewise, pay close attention to costs (especially if your phone comes back intact, that is to say not repaired), not to mention the risk of loss or theft during transport.

With a major site like cell2fix.com, which specializes in repairing a Samsung phone repair in Brampton, it is clear that you will not be faced with these kinds of situations. You are offered a well-established diagnostic service, correct support, 100% secure payment and a repair guarantee.


Are you brave and also have handyman skills? So of course you can try to repair your smartphone on your own! To make it happen, here’s how you can go about it.


To be sure that the repair of your smartphone will be done in the best conditions, you must first identify the brand, but also the model of your phone. Without this first step, it is clear that you will not be able to find the right phone repair guide.

On most mobile phones, the manufacturer’s logo appears on the front panel. But, on some new generations of smartphones, it appears more on the back cover. After that, you also need to accurately identify the model of your phone. You will find this on the back cover, behind your battery or in the “information” menu of your phone. However, possible confusion can arise due to the fact that manufacturers for the most part release updates to their model over the years. Since the physical changes are less, there may well be confused.

If we consider it essential to identify the model of your mobile phone, it is precise because the spare parts for smartphones are not compatible with each other, even within the same brand. So you have to be able to identify the brand if you want to do things at best. For everything for the correct purchase of equipment.

The Diagnosis

Diagnosis is essential to accurately determine the problem with the smartphone. For example, do not confuse the phone screen with the protective glass. Moreover, it is this one that is damaged in the majority of cases. To be sure, a diagnosis must be made. Does the phone have a battery problem? From the start, we know that this is the battery that comes from, especially if your phone is already 2 or 3 years old. Instead, your phone has been plunged? There are quick tips on the net to make sure that it doesn’t go into permanent trouble. If the phone no longer turns on as a result of this mishap, then it is much more serious. Unless you have the necessary technical knowledge, you need to call in a professional. The important thing is not to take risks, because you could very well get the spare parts wrong to buy. And we all know this won’t do you a favour, because you will definitely end up spending double.

To recap, it’s the type of failure you experience with your smartphone that determines how easy it is to repair. The larger the breakdown, the more likely you are to make a mistake.

The User Manual

It is not because I managed to repair a Huawei smartphone that I would necessarily succeed with an iPhone. In other words, the way for example to replace a screen or a battery is different on each smartphone. So to be sure that you are not mistaken in the manipulations, you can follow a tutorial or an instruction manual that clearly explains to you how you will achieve your goals. And with the internet today, it has become easier. YouTube, safer and better known, is the medium par excellence from which you can access a large catalogue of educational videos.

The Tools

Unless you’ve already used it to prove yourself, it’s clear that the tools you currently have in your drawer won’t do the trick. Indeed, the assembly procedures vary between manufacturers, and the screws too can change drastically from one model to another. Hence the importance of having the necessary paraphernalia, plastic tools (so as not to damage the components) or even a suction cup, necessary when it comes to removing a window!

With about fifteen euros, you can buy kits compatible with your smartphone on Amazon. An investment that is no less necessary, especially if you really want to repair your expensive smartphone yourself.

Safety and Precautions

Complying with a few safety rules is a necessity when you start repairing a smartphone. Because even a little negligence can lead to an accident. You may find the rules below helpful.

Create the Right Environment

Repairing a smartphone, we all know, is stressful work, even for professionals. All the more reason to work in a suitable environment. Indeed, start by clearing the place where you plan to settle to work and make sure that it is calm, well-lit and above all, oxygenated. Next, set up all of the work tools making sure they are on hand.

Use the Right Tools

Do you want to change the screen or touch your smartphone? Or is it rather a malfunction with the charging end? Whatever the problem, you need to gather all the necessary tools before you start. In other words, you must have all the tools suitable for your phone, especially those essential to repair it. Working with substitutes can cause you other problems. For example, we all know that in order to open a Phillips’s head you will need a Phillips screwdriver. Opening it with a slotted screwdriver may damage it; so it is better not to try. In addition, also avoid separating the front or back cover of a handset with your thumbnail. To do this, use a plastic smartphone door opener instead, otherwise, you risk injuring your thumb. An incident that will undoubtedly prevent you from continuing the work!

Have ESD Protection

In definition ” electrostatic discharge”, ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. To define exactly the intensity of this current would be a utopia because, in reality, it varies from one device to another. It all also depends on the person, that is, how much they can absorb it. If sometimes you do not feel anything at all, however, it can sometimes make you feel tingling, or make you dizzy. All this is to say that it is important to use protection for the discharges during the repair of a smartphone. An anti-static bracelet, for example, could do the trick. It is used to eliminate any build-up of static electricity from the human body. Also, it is possible to use anti-static gloves, an anti-static mat or anti-static tools.

Put all Small Parts in a Tray during Repair

A tray, a container… the choice is yours. The important thing is to gather in one place each part that you detach. Above all, arrange them separately so that you do not have to search for them first when the time comes to reassemble the device. One thing is clear, all the parts you dismantle will have to be reassembled (except of course the defective one). So work carefully.

Caring for Delicate Parts

The majority of parts in a smartphone are delicate. Therefore, you should also treat them with delicacy. That said, avoid any attempted forced extraction. By doing so, you risk damaging the affected part or even the motherboard. Likewise, make sure that you do not get any sharp metal objects when handling the LCD screen; a risk of breakage or scratching is possible.

Know-How to Use Heating Equipment?

Soldering iron, rework station, heat gun, etc. are equipment used manually when repairing a smartphone. The user, to avoid or minimize the risk of burns, must therefore use it with caution. Otherwise only a few seconds of inattention, and welcome, we will say to the damage. So be as vigilant as possible while using these tools and focus 100% on your work. If you have a flammable liquid like IPA on hand, you need to take extra care, as there is a high risk of fire if you come into contact with any of the above heaters.

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