Cracked screen, broken button, battery not charging. There are several reasons why you need to do an iPhone repair. Who to look for?

Cracked screen, broken button, battery not charging. There are several reasons why you need to do an iPhone repair. Who to turn to at this time?

Although iPhone is known for its durability, factory defects or time-to-use issues may occur. In case of any damage, it is necessary to take the device to an appropriate place for repair.

In addition to seeking an adequate and quality service, it is important to choose a company with trustworthy professionals, be it Apple itself or an authorized or specialized assistance.

The iPhone holds photos, files and a lot of personal information that you don’t want to be leaked around or lost, right?

We have set aside some precautions that you should take before, during and after your iPhone repair to avoid a headache. Check it out below.

Before the iPhone Repair

Before sending your iPhone motherboard repair in Brampton, it’s important to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse due to misuse of the device.

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Do not try to tidy up the device at home. Even with several tutorials on the internet, the repair at home is very risky. In addition to risking voiding your product warranty, you can cause irreversible damage to your iPhone. Seek help from a professional.

  • Make a backup of iOS.  Even with the images and files saved in iCloud, it is important to archive them outside the device as well, because, depending on the damage, it will be necessary to format the equipment.
  • Write down the Apple ID and IMEI password, which is the unique identification code for each iPhone. To access the number, look in the phone box or go to Settings > General > About.
  • Choose a suitable location to perform the iPhone repair. Incorrect maintenance can cause even greater damage. So, look for a trustworthy professional and schedule a time. Apple’s scheduling is done by Support, or through the company’s website.
  • If you still have the invoice for the product, take it to the chosen store, along with the device and an identification document with a photo. Some establishments usually ask for identification as a security measure, to prove that the iPhone is really theirs.
  • Take the device and, if applicable, any accessories that may have been affected. If iPhone has a SIM card, keep it with you.

Warranty Maintenance

For one year from the date of purchase, Apple will cover possible manufacturing defects on the iPhone and the accessories that come with the device.

If the problem is covered under warranty or on the Consumer Protection Code problem list, the repair is free of charge. So, just follow the steps below:

  • Look for the nearest Apple store and contact the company to check the warranty conditions.
  • Using your iPhone serial number, Apple ID, and phone password, schedule an appointment with an Apple Support specialist.
  • Return the product to the company or take the cell phone to an Apple Authorized Service Center for iPhone repair.
  • Depending on your location, you can track your order online. If you ship directly to Apple, the iPhone repair time is typically 9 days.

The price varies according to the damage cover of the product and the level of the problem. The company’s warranty does not cover defects caused by accidents.

Even outside of warranty, some services are performed by Apple. For always using original parts, this option tends to be a little more expensive.

The fee you pay for out-of-warranty service varies by issue and iPhone model.

Included in this modality are repairs made to batteries with normal wear and tear, repairs to screens cracked due to misuse and devices with more than one year of purchase.

Out of warranty or depending on the type of service that the iPhone repair will require, it is necessary to send the device to an authorized service or a specialist. Do you know the difference between them? That’s what we’re going to explain now.

Choice of Assistance

It is very important to thoroughly research the company that will carry out the iPhone repair. Speed, device safety and communication between professional and client are essential points.

The professional companies usually offer scheduled and have good communication and transparency. In addition, they also offer a guarantee for the services provided.

Both authorized assistance and specialized technical assistance have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see the main points.

Authorized assistance: It is carried out by a partner company of the parent company. This means, in this case, that the partners’ employees are trained by Apple.

Parts from authorized stores are original, which may reflect on service costs. Prices are fixed and vary according to the problem and the model.

Depending on the model of your device, if it is very old, repairing the iPhone by the authorized company may be more difficult, as the old parts are taken out of circulation. This is because, for both Apple and the authorized, it is interesting that you change your cell phone for a newer model, following the trends of the Apple brand.

If you have an older device or are looking for a more affordable service, it’s worth checking out what specialist technical assistance can offer.

Specialized technical assistance: This type of assistance is carried out by specialist professionals. Even though they are not official, they provide a quality service at a   lower price.

In addition to the economic advantage, the specialized company delivers the product more quickly, as the bureaucracy for exchanging parts is smaller compared to authorized ones.

In case you work in a company where there are many iPhones, it is recommended that the company has a partnership with specialized assistance to ensure the correct maintenance of all devices with a better price and longer warranty. If this is your situation, talk internally and recommend a partner who can take care of all the team’s devices in a professional manner with a program for companies.

After Service

After the iPhone is repaired, some steps need to be taken to finish the job. If you take your SIM card, you need to put it back.

Also, after finishing the configuration, you need to restore the data from the backup. It could be that the iPhone has a new operating system.

Check the warranty conditions with the iPhone repair company you contracted with, for example, we guarantee the service!

So, how about scheduling a time and making a budget with us? We do iPhone and Samsung unlocking in Brampton, device maintenance, battery replacement and much more!

Tired of having problems with your iPhone or if you want to feel more secure with your device, make a protection plan for iPhones against all types of damage to your cell phone.

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