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We have an experienced technical team that can solve your cell phone issues efficiently by using their extreme knowledge and skills. Don’t wait even a single day without getting your phone in a new form. Cellphone repair and replacement is not an easy job as it requires high-quality skills and an understanding of the functionality of the various parts. Luckily, Cell2Fix has proven its worth in terms of tackling almost every issue that can be exhibited by your phone in Brampton. We believe in providing high-quality, affordable services to our clients in the form of repairs, replacements, suggestions, and advice.

Here is a list of cell phone repair and replacement services that we provide to our clients in Brampton: –

• Apple Phone Repair
• Samsung Phone Repair
• Samsung Screen Replacement
• Google Pixel Screen Replacement
• LG Phone Screen Replacement
• Motorola Screen Replacement
• Huawei Phone Screen Replacement
• Broken Phone Screen Repair
• Samsung, IPad, and iPhone Battery Replacement
• IPad Screen Repair
• Used and New iPhone
• iPhone Motherboard Repair
• Water Damaged iPhone Repair
• iPhone and Samsung Unlocking


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Cell Phone, Computer, Tablet, Game Console Repair and service by Cell2Fix

Looking for replacement and repair services for your device? Cell2Fix is the right place to visit. Get a quality repair using premium quality parts—all performed by 50+ years of combined experienced expert technicians with over 200k device repairs under their belt. Plus, most repairs are backed by a lifetime parts guarantee* and can be done under an hour.


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You deserve a device that works when you need it to. When things aren’t going right, our technicians can help with any issue that you’re facing. Visit Cell2Fix Brampton and let us reconnect you to what matters most.

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Cell2Fix, is the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) leader in professional same-day electronics repairs—including iPhone®, Samsung®, PC, Mac, iPad, and other tablets and cell phones.

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