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You have been using your smartphone for quite a long time now, and it is working perfectly fine. Suddenly, you notice that the screen starts flickering or flashing. It will be annoying if this happens in the middle of your work or during a phone call. If you are facing such issues on your Android device, then follow these steps to resolve it:

Plenty of Android devices are coming up in the market, but glitches have become part of the system.

With so many different Android devices on the market, it’s easy to understand why users are experiencing problems with their phones.

As an open-source operating system, Android allows developers and manufacturers to customize it in various ways. The result is a wide range of features and functions that may not work together as well as they should.

If your phone is flickering, follow these steps to resolve it:

  • Restart your device. This is the first step in troubleshooting any problem with your device. It will clear all the cache and temporary files and free up some space on your phone. The flickering can be caused by an app or game you are running that has bugs, so a restart will help resolve this issue.
  • Clear the Dalvik cache manually. Dalvik cache stores all the information about apps that have been installed on your phone but not used recently, so it might be a good idea to clear it off if you are consistently facing this issue every time you start up your phone or play games on it regularly (games use more memory than other apps).

Restart your device

  • It can be a problem with the hardware or software. If it is a software glitch, it can be solved by restarting your phone.
  • To do this, long press the power button and tap on ‘Shut down.’ Once the device shuts down, wait for 10 seconds and turn it back on.

If you’re still having issues with a flickering screen after restarting your phone, get in touch with Cell2Fix at 905-453-8308.

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