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Taking the cell phone to fix it when there is a defect is always a task that causes a lot of anguish in people. After all, we always have someone close to us who complains a lot about these service providers. Delay and dishonesty are common practices! Therefore, specialized technical assistance should always be your first option.

In it, you have a reliable workforce and parts whose use has been approved by the manufacturers. They are serious companies that invest in excellence. So that you can get to know the work of specialized technical assistance better, we have prepared this post. Check out!

What is the Difference between Authorized Technical Assistance and Specialized Technical Assistance?

Despite being very confused by people, specialized and authorized technical assistance are not the same thing. In the latter case, which is also known as a dealership, the assistance is directly linked to the manufacturer, being obliged to use only original parts for the repair.

To find out which ones are authorized, the consumer should consult the warranty term and the device’s user manual, which usually come in the same packaging as the product. As long as your phone is under warranty and has factory defects, the consumer should look for the authorized ones! Otherwise, the manufacturer runs the risk of claiming misuse of the equipment and denying further repairs, even during the warranty period.

Specialized assistance, on the other hand, is a service provider that is freer and does not need to use original manufacturers’ parts. But that doesn’t mean a reduction in quality! There are today, several pieces manufactured by lesser-known brands, which do not need to invest so much in marketing. Because of this, they are able to offer a reduced price with the same quality as the original.

So, in specialized ones, there is no obligation to use original parts, but you can order them if you want. As they face greater competition, in this type of assistance, we also have better-trained professionals and better quality service.

Specialized Technical Assistance

How Important Is It to Look for a Service That Offers Specialized Technical Assistance?

To answer this question, let’s make a brief analogy with medicine: do you go to a pulmonologist to treat conjunctivitis or do you go to an otolaryngologist for constipation? Not! Because you understand that the best doctor is the specialist in that field.

If you are looking for technical assistance with mobile repair service in Brampton all types of electronic equipment or all mobile devices, you will not have professionals who know each one in-depth. After all, these professionals will have to study the basics of repairing each device and will not be able to delve into the subject. It’s a matter of time!

When you look for specialized technical assistance at Apple, for example, professionals are dedicated only to these devices, being able to study in-depth the best repair techniques for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. In addition, this company will have more capital to invest in a greater diversity of suppliers, which increases the range of products and the quality of parts.

What Precautions Should We Take When Seeking Technical Assistance?

If you look for companies that are not authorized or specialized, you will run a very big risk. These services are cheaper but lack quality. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips so that you know how to choose the safest assistance:

The time on the market indicates that the service you are taking the device to has provided good service, to the point that it has remained profitable in the market for a long time. This demonstrates a level of quality, as, otherwise, customers would no longer trust the store and, thus, it would gradually find itself in a bad financial situation, being forced to close.

There are assistances that charge a lot for the parts, aiming only at profits, without bothering to be fair to the consumer. However, there are those that do not overprice the services and offer a price compatible with the market and quality. This, in addition to being an advantage for the pocket, also shows the company’s commitment to the consumer.

Evaluation of Other Consumers on Social Networks

Currently, it’s not recommended to close any business without checking a company’s Facebook or Google reviews. The internet has become a democratic space in which all people can express their opinion. Thanks to this, consumers can be informed much better. But be careful: there is always someone looking to harm companies, so evaluate according to the general opinion.

Negative Ratings on Complaint Sites

The Claim Here website is excellent for checking negative reviews from companies. So it’s always good to check it out. After all, in the technical assistance market, there are cases of scam artists who steal customer parts to resell.

In Which Situations should We Take the Product for Specialized Technical Assistance?

The main problems that lead to a device being repaired are:

  • wear and tear due to use;
  • infiltration of liquid contents into the apparatus;
  • physical damage such as falls and scratches;
  • improper installations;
  • defects caused by the use of accessories that have not been approved by the manufacturer;
  • defects or damage caused by bad weather;
  • Repairs are carried out by non-specialized technical assistance.

Whenever you are in any of these situations, it is essential to seek specialized assistance so that the damage to the device does not increase and you are forced to buy another one. If the defects were caused by the error of a poor quality service provider, it is essential that you look for a renowned specialist in the market to carry out the repairs. If you always continue to choose the cheapest but doubtful options, you run the risk of losing the device.

With this information, you must have realized the importance of delivering your electronic devices only to those who are known to know the subject. Therefore, the best thing to do is always to look for a specialized technical assistance service, in which you will always have quality parts, good service and excellent customer support.

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